Canadian Finance Professionals Collective

Tired of working for someone else?

I’ve been there. Working for someone else, wanting to take control of your own destiny, but unsure of all of the steps you need to take to go from an employee to a business owner. And wanting to make sure you are doing things right so you can be successful.

I had an advantage that my Dad had his own accounting practice for many years before I started mine, and I had helped others start their business and develop their business plan.

You don’t have to travel your entrepreneurship journey alone.

Together we create your roadmap to success

This membership is for those that have been working in accounting and bookkeeping and wants to make that jump to entrepreneurship.

You get the benefit of my experience with getting clients, client and workflow management, messaging, and software recommendations. You also get to pick my brain about specific circumstances and transactions that you run into.

This is NOT for you if you are looking at learning how to do bookkeeping or accounting tasks. Yes, you will get help from me if you run into problems working with clients, but if you do not understand how do reconciliations, categorizing transactions, and other basic accounting knowledge, I will not be teaching accounting topics. This is all about setting your accounting and bookkeeping business up for success.

Monthly topics

Each month we will have a topic that we discuss. Topics include:
– Marketing Plan
– Operations and SOPs
– Software Utilization
– Presenting Financial Statements
– Sales Taxes
– and many more

I am currently looking for founding members. There is a minimum commitment of three months at a monthly cost of $49 (plus sales taxes). This is a limited time offer and and the price will increase in 2024.

Ready to join?
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Spots are limited for founding members! Don’t miss your chance to join us at this fantastic rate.

Cancellation policy, after the first three months, is 10 days notice.