The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap

Running a business can feel overwhelming and confusing

It can feel like you are alone in your journey and that there’s no one to ask for help.

You know you should have a better handle on your finances, your marketing, your operations, your staffing and contractors, but have no idea where to even start.

You don’t have to travel your entrepreneurship journey alone.

Together we create your roadmap to success

This membership is for everyone that has been on this adventure alone and wants to join a community of other entrepreneurs and learn how to answer the five fundamental questions about your business:

WHY do you do WHAT you do, WHO do you help and HOW do you help them, and WHAT’s the financial health of your business?

Answering these questions pulls together all parts of your business and is the start of creating your entrepreneur’s roadmap. No one part is more important than the other. Each works together and understanding how they work together is essential for your success.

Whether you’re just starting out or been in business for years

The topics we cover are ones that both start-ups and established business owners are asking themselves. What is the best business structure for me to have? When and how do I charge sales taxes? What can I write off? How do I track my accounting? Do I need a separate bank account? How do I price my products/services? How I find the right people to buy what I sell? When do I bring on staff? Or instead of staff should I hire contractors? And so many more questions, too many to list here.

I’ve been there. I started my business. But I had my education and my family of entrepreneurs to lean on. My mission is to make sure that Canadian entrepreneurs have the knowledge they need to make their business a success, and I know how important having a network of support is. This membership is designed to bring together entrepreneurs that are searching for that community and the knowledge and know that they could be more successful with support and clarity around their goals.

The format is monthly topics that are discussed in live sessions, as well as question and answer sessions where you get answers, and guest experts that come in and share their knowledge and expertise with all of us. There is a library of past topics as well as documents available for download. And a community to support you in your journey.

Monthly topics

Each month we will have a topic that we discuss. Topics include:
– Your Vision and Mission
– Marketing Plan
– Financial Insights
– Human Resources
– Operations and SOPs
– Accounting Do’s and Don’t’s
– and many more

Expert guests will also make an appearance and share their knowledge with everyone. Experts include:
– Rebranding Specialist
– Mindset Coach
– Accountant and Tax Specialist
– Personal Branding Specialist
– Testimonial System Creator
– Systems Creation Specialist
– and more

I am currently looking for founding members. There is a minimum commitment of three months. You have the option to prepay for the three months at a discounted rate of $49 (plus sales taxes) per month or you can pay monthly at $59 (plus sales taxes) per month. This is a limited time offer and and the price will increase. After three months, if you enrolled with the prepayment option, you have the choice of prepaying for another three months or changing to a monthly payment; if you change to the monthly payments they will increase to $59 per month. Enroll is available any time, but this offer is only for founding members, and it will disappear.

Ready to join?
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Cancellation policy, after the initial three months, is 10 days prior to monthly payment.